Will U2 appear at the Apple iPhone 6 Event on September 9th? With or Without You, Dr Dre?

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August 5thApple announced a media event would take place on Sept 9th. It’s expected that Tim Cook will announce the new iPhone 6 and the iWatch wearable device.

Apple also recently acquired Beats Audio for $3B. In addition to introducing/showcasing some new Beats Music/ Beats Audio products for the Holidays, they’ll need to introduce 2 new employees, Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. (Iovine has worked with u2 in the past, as a producer on Rattle & Hum)


August 15th - the Spanish fans in Nice ran into Julian Lennon (son of John/friend of the band) who reportedly said “I think they (U2) are shooting an Apple commercial”

 Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin

Image credit: Bridges of Dublin


August 24th – the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin was shut down for a film shoot. Some reports say it was for a Guinness ad. According to witnesses, security was very tight with “black sheets strategically placed to obscure what was happening from public view.”  It was also reported that the filming was a video shoot for a new band.


@HarryKantas on Twitter posted some photos of the video shoot


U2 Romanek Clapper board

Image credit: ContactMusic

Someone managed to get a shot of the clapper board showing the production was called “Summer Nights” and directed by Mark Romanek.

Mark Romanek directed U2’s “Invisible” (RED) edit version that was aired during the SuperBowl. And Philippe Le Sourd was the cinematographer for the same video.

Then, there was this photo taken during the shoot by @StephenBrow, showing the video’s protagonist carrying some sort of mobile device and wearing what appear to be Beats headphones.

Fullscreen capture 952014 30549 AM.bmpImage credit John Brooks

August 25th –  Somewhere in the middle of Ireland, a film crew set up some scaffolding to film an elaborate pyrotechnic display for what…the assembled wildlife? Now, only the most diehard U2 fans will see symbols from Achtung Baby at the 2:41 mark ;)

Apple Event 9/9/14 large structureImage Credit: MacRumors

August 28thMacRumors published a report from a reader that “Apple has been building a massive structure on the campus, which has been kept under tight wraps with a white barricade. A MacRumors reader has sent in images of a mysterious structure at the Flint Center <taken Aug 20>, which appears to span three stories and is protected by “scads” of security people.”

According to TheDrum 

Frank Mangini, a 73-year-old Cupertino resident, told the San Jose Mercury News he had noticed a large construction project going on around the centre for the past few weeks. “It looked like a sound stage going up for a rock concert behind Flint Center,” Mangini said – with lights on a grid above the stage being built in view of a nearby fountain and duck pond.

Mangini asked a worker about the project .

“We really can’t say,” the worker told him. “All I can say is this is one of the largest shows I’ve ever worked on, and I’ve worked on them for 30 years.” Mangini added, “It’s a very professional job,” he said Thursday. “It looks like Hollywood to me — there’s a lot of money going into this.”

In my previous life, I attended Apple Keynote Events as part of my job and I’ve never seen anything like this. Usually the event itself is held in an indoor space. I’m not sure if this is where the iPhone 6 introduction on September 9th will take place, or if the assembly will move outdoors for a presentation of some sort.

U2 had to pay €8,241 to close Dublin streets for new videoImage credit: The Independent.ie

September 1stThe Independent reports that U2 had to pay the Dublin City Council $10,600 to shut down the Samuel Beckett Bridge along with other locations. “The local authority said the Liffey crossing was shut to facilitate a “U2 project”. 

September 4th – Over at the AtU2.com forums, someone posting as Paulson44 started a new thread entitled: Official Apple/U2 Info. The original post read:

I am posting as an assistant in The William Morris Agency based in Los Angeles. I am involved in setting up preparations for an announcement to be made on September 9. What I will say is that Dr. Dre, being a new employee at Apple, and U2 – having a partnership history with Apple, Inc will be taking the stage together on September 9. They will perform U2’s new single TOGETHER – hoping to elicit a reaction as in when Aerosmith and Run DMC performed “Walk this Way”. This is going to usher in a new resurgence for U2, and Dr. Dre will be instrumental in setting relevance and new standards for this band. Apple, Inc is tangentially involved in this partnership. I wish I could say more, but I will end on this last note: I have heard most of the new single. It is incredible. I wish everyone the best, and hopefully you will enjoy the live stream on the 9th!

U2 Grammy Awards


Other points to consider.

  • The last day to qualify for Grammy nomination eligibility in September 30th. I believe at the very least, U2 will release a single prior to Sept 30th. That way, they could release the album after September 30th and have 2 years of possible Grammy nominations ahead of them.
  • I don’t believe the new album will be preloaded on to the iPhone 6. Mostly because, the iPhone 6 is a brand new iteration of the iPhone. It doesn’t need U2. If it was an upgrade situation (such as the iPhone 4 vs the iPhone 4s), then maybe this could be a possibility.
  • However, I could see a special edition iPhone Product(RED) model being offered. (A red iPhone 6! Sign me up!)
  • If this U2 + Apple collaboration were to happen, I think the most obvious tie-in would be with Beats Music or a U2 App for iOS that has some enhanced capabilities to what current apps are able to offer.
  • One thing I know for absolute certain, I do not want to hear Bono rap! ;)

You can watch the live video from the Apple special event here.  The event starts on September 9 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Special thanks to the members of the AtU2 forums for being as obsessed as I am! ;)

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  1. I love U2!! Their concert I went to back in Fall 2001 was SO good. Although I don’t have an iPhone (I use a Galaxy S4) but I do have a MacBook, so I am an Apple consumer. Will be interested to see if U2 & Dr. Dre appear. Luckily we don’t have long to wait!