Will U2 appear at the Apple iPhone 6 Event on September 9th? With or Without You, Dr Dre?


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 Will U2 appear at the Apple iPhone 6 Event on September 9th?


So, this has nothing to do with saving money but it brings together 2 entities that I adore.

I’ve been following the developments for the last few days/weeks/months/years and I am hopeful that the rumor of U2 and Apple collaborating at the iPhone 6 introduction on September 9th are true!

There is some precedent, as U2 joined Steve Jobs onstage at the Apple Music Event Keynote in 2004 to introduce the U2 Special Edition iPod. So, this would mark their 10th anniversary!

(And yes, I have one … stored away in its original box ;) )

Fun Fact! Did you know the icon for “Artists” on the iOS Music App is Bono’s silhouette?

Partly for my own sake, I wanted to break down all the components of this rumor because there is a lot of misinformation out there…


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A little backstory for the uninitiated.

It’s been 5 years since the last official U2 album release, “No Line on the Horizon“.

There have been one-off videos for charities, a SuperBowl commercial, the title track for an Academy Award nominated movie, along with various awards and knighthoods for Bono.

The Edge has been busy buying up the Malibu coastline, while Bono’s wife continues to lose millions on their failing fashion line, EDUN.

Adam Clayton married his pregnant Brazilian supermodel girlfriend, and Larry Mullen Jr was cast in an independent movie


Bono Madonna

What do Bono and Madonna talk about? 

They partied with Madonna and Leo. They fired their manager of 30 years and sold their company to Live Nation.  So they’ve been busy. ;)

Recently, there’s been more chatter about an actual U2 album release. Things really started to heat up a few weeks ago with a report from Spanish U2 fans that witnessed band members going into a film studio in Nice.

So here’s a recent timeline of how the rumors have developed:

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  1. I love U2!! Their concert I went to back in Fall 2001 was SO good. Although I don’t have an iPhone (I use a Galaxy S4) but I do have a MacBook, so I am an Apple consumer. Will be interested to see if U2 & Dr. Dre appear. Luckily we don’t have long to wait!