Watch The History Channel’s Vikings FREE on Amazon Instant Video


History Channel's Vikings FREE on Amazon Instant Video

The History Channel’s Vikings



If you missed the series premiere of “Vikings” on The History Channel, watch it FREE on Amazon Instant Video!

You can also see  Vikings for FREE in HD



Introducing the extraordinarily complex and violent world of the Norsemen, HISTORY’s first scripted series races the gripping sagas of historical hero Ragnar Lothbrok. As claimed direct descendent of Odin, god of war and warriors, Lothbrok’s mystical nature and devotion to the gods feeds his stealthy maneuvers and determination to become King of the Vikings.

Farmer, family man and rebel Ragnar Lothbrok is determined to sail west to discover new lands and riches despite an intimidating warning from his village’s tyrannical leader, Lord Haraldson, who makes it clear in no uncertain terms that doing so could result in severe consequences.


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