Walgreens: FREE Pedometer & FREE Bag when you sign up for “Walk With Walgreens”!



Did you see The Celebrity Apprentice last night? The task was to design a box for the “Walk With Walgreens” program.

Now, you can go into your local Walgreens, sign up for the “Walk With Walgreens” program and get a FREE Pedometer & FREE Bag!

You have to check out at the registers (even though it’s FREE)

In my store I signed up at a computer at the Photo Counter and the boxes were located on an endcap in the Cosmetics Department.





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  1. I registered last week, logging in my steps. How do I get my free pedometer and free bag? I’m walking to help strengthen my cardiovascular system. Have had 2 stents.

  2. I love walking but can use a little more incouragement.