Viggle: Get up to 2,325 points by playing along with Viggle LIVE during NCAA Championship game!


Okay, I am seriously addicted to Viggle! And now that my husband has an iPhone we can both earn points just by watching our favorite shows and checking in to Viggle.


If you use Viggle and want to earn even MORE points, watch selected shows and play along with Viggle LIVE! That’s when they run quizzes worth up to 150 additional bonus points when you play along after you check in. The quizzes are about last week’s episode, so they’re a good test of your short-term memory – which you can always ‘refresh’ by checking out the episode guides or recaps on their respective sites.


If you plan on watching the NCAA March Madness Final tonight, not only can you earn 325 points, you can earn an additional 2,000 points by playing along! (We had a great time doing this during the Final Four matchups.)


This week, Viggle LIVE will also have quizzes that will run during ‘Smash’ tonight ( NBC Mon 10/9C ), tomorrow night during ’NCIS‘ (CBS Tues 8/7C), ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ (CBS Tues 9/8C) and Weds night on ‘Criminal Minds‘ (CBS Weds 9/8C), so set your reminders and scoop up that bumper crop of 600 points!


Collect Viggle Points and trade them in for Gift Cards! My favorite rewards are Starbucks, CVS, and Target Gift Cards – all starting at 7,500 points. I’ve already redeemed for $30 in Gift Cards after using the app for about 4 weeks. The Gift Cards are usually delivered to your email inbox to print out and redeem.


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