Viggle: Get Points for Watching TV, Redeem for Gift Cards!




Are you using Viggle?

Viggle is an iPhone and Android app that rewards you for watching your favorite TV shows. Just install the app, register and then “check in” whenever you watch TV. Viggle will listen to determine what show you’re tuned in to.



Certain shows seem to have bigger payouts (especially those on Fox, it seems). During big events (like the Oscars and the Daytona 500) Viggle holds trivia contests where answering correctly will get you even more points!

You can also gain points by watching movie trailers and commercials. the offers will appear within the Viggle app screen.

My favorite rewards are Starbucks, CVS, and Target Gift Cards – all starting at 7,500 9,000 points. I’ve already redeemed for $15 in Gift Cards after using the app for about 2 weeks. The Gift Cards are usually delivered to your email  inbox to print out and redeem.

I’m a big fan of Viggle!



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