The End of Doubling & Tripling at Von’s

I am shocked and blow away by the news that Von’s will soon end the double and tripling of coupons in their stores. I found an article while surfing and thought I would share a few snippets.

Vons is eliminating its double coupon program Aug. 1. Starting today, Southern California shoppers will be notified of the policy change in ads mailed to homes, the company said.

“The grocery business is highly competitive and we frequently refine our promotions based on the market. That said, effective August 1, we will no longer be accepting double coupons,” company spokesman Carlos Illingworth told The Register.

Could this be the future of any store that tries to butter you up by presenting new loyalty programs? It was not that long ago that we were introduced the Just 4 U program. Do stores like Von’s assume the release of this program will pacify customers? Will you still shop at Vons knowing that they will no longer double and triple in your area?

Von’s has faith that a store that does not double or triple will survive. Some areas don’t double and triple at all. With the lack of doubling and tripling, what keeps you from shopping at Walmart or Target? You could always price match the good deals and use your coupons there. You won’t have to load coupons to a card to get savings. You can just show up with the ad Von’s spent so much time creating and save the same money in one place. When others use extreme measures to end extreme couponing, maybe it is time for customer’s to do the same.

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*Doubling and tripling will end August 1st.*

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