FREE Super Bowl Party Games and SuperBowl Prop Bets 2014

2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl Party Games & Super Bowl Prop Bets


Here’s the FREE Super Bowl Prop Bets for SuperBowl 50 – updated for 2016!

If you’ve ever hosted a Super Bowl party, you know the challenge of keeping everybody entertained, especially getting non-football fans involved with the game. This was a dilemma I faced until a co-worker that liked to gamble told me about Super Bowl Prop Bets.


Super Bowl Prop Bets are fun, (sometimes not even football-related) wagers in which everyone can participate. It adds another element for fans and non-fans alike.  Money can be involved or you can just do it for fun.

The way we set up our 2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets Game is to collect a certain dollar amount (usually $5 or $10) from everyone who wants to play before the game starts. You can also choose to award prizes instead (great for kids).
During the game,  tally the results as they happen by assigning one person to be scorekeeper (I usually pick the person that I know is competitive and will be most into the game!)

It’s seriously fun and it gets everyone involved in the party.  I write the Super Bowl Prop Bets up on a large chalkboard to make it easy to see and keep track of everyone’s answers, but you can easily print out this 2014 Super Bowl Football Prop Bets form and have your guests fill them in when they arrive.


2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Here are some examples of Super Bowl Prop Bets we use – you can print our FREE 2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets Game here!

  • What will be the temperature at game time?
  • How long will it take the singer to sing the national anthem? (over 1:34 sec or more than 1:34 sec)
  • Will the singer omit/flub up words in the National Anthem?
  • Coin Toss – Heads or Tails (not what team will win, but whether or not the coin ends up heads or tails)
  • Which team scores the first touchdown?
  • Which team scores the first field goal?
  • Which team throws the Coaches Challenge flag first
  • What will the result of 1st Coaches Challenge be (stands as called/over turned)
  • Which teams quarterback gets sacked first
  • Which team fumbles the ball 1st
  • Will Bruno Mars appear wearing a parka/cold weather clothing?
  • Which team wins
  • What will be the combined final score of Super Bowl
  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first?
  • What will be the color of the Gatorade/Liquid thats poured out after the game

Print the complete list of Super Bowl Prop Bet Questions here


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