Starbucks: FREE “Indivisible” Bracelet Wristband In Stores on November 6th!




starbucks indivisible bracelet wristband freebie nov 6, 2012

FREE Indivisible Wristband at Starbucks


In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Create Jobs for USA, Starbucks will offer a FREE wristband to visitors at U.S. company-owned locations.


Create Jobs for USA was born from a deep-seated belief among those of us at Starbucks never to accept the status quo, and a sincere desire to address our nation’s unacceptable unemployment rates. Because of the collective effort of Starbucks partners (our employees), our customers and of like-minded businesses, that original vision has grown into an innovative program that is benefiting thousands of Americans.

To date, Create Jobs for USA has reached $15 million in donations. Through the fantastic work of OFN, this money has been distributed to community lenders serving nearly all 50 states, and these lenders are leveraging that equity to support approximately $105 million in small and community business financing which will help to create or sustain approximately 5,000 jobs across the country.
This achievement is, in large part, a testament to the generosity of our customers, and to honor their support the Schultz Family Foundation has recently donated $1 million to Create Jobs for USA. More than 800,000 Indivisible wristbands have already been distributed to customers and concerned citizens around the country who support this initiative. And with this donation, on Election Day, November 6, Starbucks U.S. company-operated stores will offer wristbands to those visiting our stores.


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