Some Dumb Little Thing From CVS SNL Parody Ad

Some Dumb Little Thing From CVS SNL


Luckily, I’m the one that shops at CVS, and not my husband … I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting Some Dumb Little Thing From CVS for Valentine’s Day ;)

This is one of the funniest SNL Parody ads I’ve seen since Peyton Manning for United Way

Here is this week’s CVS Weekly Ad with Coupon Matchups. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Add some out FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Love Coupons for a nicer gift ;)

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Some Dumb Little things from CVS SNL Saturday Night Live Parody Ad Skit Commercial

Voice: Your girlfriend is beautiful, sexy and one of a kind. So this Valentine’s Day get her a gift that’s as special and unique as she is. Some dumb little thing from CVS. Because you’re already there buying toilet paper and, oh… mother f….. It’s Valentine’s Day? CVS has all the heartfelt gifts your long-term girlfriend wants. Like a small bear dressed like a bee, with hearts that say Bee Mine!

Woman #1: Ohhhh, when did you get this?

Man #1: One minute ago.

Voice: Exquisite gifts she’ll treasure forever, like an enormous mylar balloon that sings Mambo #5 whenever you tap it, and even if you don’t.

If your woman loves jewelry, look no further than Aisle 8, the front half. (The back half is dog food). There you’ll find this beautiful heart pendant necklace for only$1.99. Recommended by our seasoned jewelry associate.

Male CVS Employee: Yeah, it’s really good.

Voice: Or, get her a gift that really screams “her”.  A tiny heart-shaped box of chocolates with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the front. They really put the chalk in chocolate.

For a naughty surprise, you know she’ll love, pick up some G rated CVS Brand Sex Dice

Man #2: Oooh, tickle face…

Voice: Guaranteed to give her the night of her dreams. Or when in doubt, nothing says Valentine’s like an old Christmas stocking.

Man #1: You could put your makeup in it.

Woman #1: You have hurt me today.

Voice: So shop CVS for all your Valentine’s Day needs….and salsa!


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