Saveology: Hand-Stitched Angry Critter Cardinal Hat $15.99 shipped!



angry bird winter hat

Angry “Critter” Winter Hat



Any Angry Birds fans out there?


Take a peek at the Hand-Stitched Angry Critter Cardinal Hat  for just $11.99 + $4.00 shipping!


If your favorite gaming app features a flock of not-so-friendly birds who’d like nothing more than avian domination, then the Hand-Stitched Angry Critter Cardinal Hat is the perfect wintertime accessory. White, red, black and yellow cardinal hat features animal-specific detailing complete with soft beak, furrowed brows, and a determined glare that silently warns: you’re next. Its tough design also functions to tackle the harsh conditions of winter by protecting your head, ears and neck. Cardinal hat is hand-stitched with a soft, insulating fabric inside and outside to keep the warmth in and the cold out. One size fits all material stretches to conform to any shaped head.

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