FREE Personalized Video Message from Santa!

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FREE Personalized Video Message from Santa Claus

FREE Personalized Video Message from Santa


The FREE Personalized Video Message from Santa is back in 2015!

In just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized video from Santa Claus for your children, friends, family members or colleagues as you choose!

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, upload some photos (not required), and Santa and his elves will take care of the rest! It’s really cute, and surprisingly detailed for being FREE!

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The Classic video is FREE and includes:

  • 1 storyline
  • 2 photo uploads
  • 3 minutes of video

There’s even a FREE option for Grownups!

  • 1 storyline
  • 3 photo uploads
  • 2 minutes of video

Experience the magic of Christmas all year long with PNP-Portable North Pole! This one-of-a-kind website lets kids and adults from around the globe connect with Santa and his North Pole family like never before.

Send your loved ones a personalized video message from Santa during the holiday season, or to celebrate birthdays throughout the year…and help spread Santa’s magic and good cheer around the world.

Upgrade to Premium Video ($3.99) or the Jingle Bells Bundle ($5.99) or the  Unlimited Holiday Pass ($9.99) and save 10% with coupon code PNP15BZM


New this yearyou can have Santa CALL your child! A single call is only $3.99. Or keep ‘em nice all season long with 3 calls from Santa for only $5.99!

From birthdays to Christmas, you can customize a phone call from Santa all year long. Choose from 22 holiday and birthday storylines, including 8 brand new scenarios! Plus this product comes with all kinds of sound effects from Santa’s Village – from the elves singing to reindeer bells chiming and Santa’s jolly, heartwarming laugh


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