RiteAid: +UPs Load2Card Program Goes Nationwide September 2nd – What it means for you.


Although I haven’t been shopping at Rite Aid in recent weeks, I’ve been aware of a new program called Load2Card that has been testing in various markets across the country for the last few months.  Today on their Facebook page, Rite-Aid announced that effective September 2, 2012 Load2Card will be a national program.


What does that mean for you?

Instead of receiving +UPs Rewards at the bottom of your receipt, your +UPs reports will be automatically loaded to your wellness+ card. The benefit to this is that you won’t have to worry about keeping track of your receipt rewards. The biggest downside to this program is that rather than being able to roll the reward in the next transaction, you’ll have to wait until 6 AM on the day AFTER it was earned before you can redeem the +UPs Reward. All +UPs earned will remain valid for 14 days.


You do have the option of continuing to receive your +UPs on register receipts rather than have them loaded automatically to your wellness+ card. According to their FAQ, visit your local store and the cashier will be able to switch your account to the paper option. There is no benefit to this really, as regardless if you choose paper or automatic Load2Card+UPs,  you will not be able to use your +UPs reward until 6 AM on the following day from when the reward was earned.


According to Rite Aid the reason for the next day redemption policy is it they want to be able to continue to “deliver the values and offers that you appreciate” Hmmm, what they want is to see you back in their stores more often. They also want to slow down the tactics that many of us typically employ to pay the least amount out-of-pocket. Also, because of their new system, in which the highest valued +UP in your account will be redeemed first, we’ll be faced with additional shopping strategy challenges.


You will still be notified that +UPs have been added to your wellness account by a message at the bottom of your RiteAid receipt. The receipt message will also update you about upcoming expiration dates of +UPs already in your account. You can also keep track of what you have earned by visiting your wellness+ online account or with the RiteAid Mobile App. From what I have heard, the mobile app will also provide additional coupons through watching video clips within the app.


You can also sign up for a weekly report of your eligible +UP Rewards by signing up for weekly text messages. Here’s how:
1. To enroll, text the word REWARD to RATEXT on your mobile device.
2. When prompted, respond by entering your wellness+ card number.
3. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a weekly text summarizing the +UP Rewards currently loaded on your wellness+ card.


When using coupons, your +UPs will be deducted from your total purchase AFTER the redemption of coupons, your wellness+ discount and wellness+ restricted items. No change here.


You can learn more about the program by reading the FAQ, visiting wellness+ online, or calling one 800-RITE-AID during regular business hours.

So what do you think about the changes? Were you part of the test markets? What challenges did you face. Did you uncover any hidden benefits? Let us know in the comments!

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