RiteAid: John Frieda Money Maker!


If your RiteAid sale continues through Saturday, check out this deal. If you’re in Southern California (like me) get in your car and head over now! As discovered by ForTheMommas, and reported by Hip2Save, when you purchase 2 John Frieda Full Repair Trial Size Shampoo or Conditioners for $1.59 each, you’ll get a $5 +UPs reward. Even better, you can do the deal twice!

It gets even better if you have achieved Wellness Gold Status, as you will get your extra 20% off and pay only $1.19 each! I did two separate transactions:

(1) John Frieda Full Repair Travel Size Shampoo $1.59 – 20% = $1.19
(1) John Frieda Full Repair Travel Size Conditioner $1.59 – 20% = $1.19
Total paid $2.38 + tax +  I received $5 +UPs! , and then I did it again!





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