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So, I jut got an iPhone 5. I know they’ve been out like forever now, but I had to wait for my 2 year contract to expire before I could upgrade. It’s a thing of beauty, and I’m pretty sure that Apple will probably release an iPhone 6 before I even finish this post. ;)

I get really weird about my Apple devices and always go about protecting them as best as I can, while still having it look as good as can be. (I’m not one to go for those ugly rubber military cases) I’ve had every iteration of the iPhone starting with the original in 2007.

And in all that time, I have only dropped an iPhone once. (Probably just broke my streak just for thinking, let alone typing that out for public consumption)

I’ll never forget how it happened…Lost in Chicago while attending BlogHer13, trying to maneuver 2 swag bags, a Wii console that I won, and trying to follow Google Maps back to the hotel – I hit a crack in the sidewalk and everything, me, the Wii, the contents of the swag bags, and my beloved iPhone came crashing to the hard pavement. But being battered and bruised wasn’t enough. My humiliation had to be made public with a chorus of other BlogHer attendees from across the street, “Are you Okayyyy?” I wanted that crack in the sidewalk to swallow me up then and there.

Fullscreen capture 3262014 30411 PM.bmp(L) Right before the fall…  (Top) After the painkillers kicked in… (Bottom) The aftermath…

Luckily, my silly little All Those Things I Love personalized iPhone case from Zazzle took the majority of the iPhone’s tumble. And other than an almost microscopic scratch on the edge of the iPhone itself (only visible under extreme scrutiny), my iPhone survived.

So, when I got my gorgeous rose gold iPhone 5, I was torn. Do I order another All Those Things I Love logo case? Or do I go with something clear to highlight the beauty of the iPhone 5 itself? (A perfect marriage would be a clear iPhone 5 case that I could imprint with my logo — let me know if you know of something like that, kay?)

LUVVITT CLEARVIEW Slim Clear Back Case iPhone 5

I searched Amazon and ended up with the LUVVITT® CLEARVIEW Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Back Case with Bumper / Cover for iPhone 5 for $19.95 because it was the number 1 best selling iPhone 5 case on Amazon.

It’s a completely transparent case that combines a clear hard back cover with soft, shock-resistant grippy TPU sides to guard against scratches and bumps. It’s so light and slim and protects your iPhone 5 without adding much in the way of bulk or weight.

  • Ultra clear hybrid case. Combination of a hard clear PC back and soft clear TPU edges on all 4 sides for extra protection while keeping low profile. Completely crystal clear.
  • Scratch-resistant coating will keep your help your case endure to scratches and scuff marks more than a regular case. Longer life and cleaner look for your case and for your iPhone 5 / 5S.
  • Full button protection and full access to ports. Beveled front edges for screen protection also prevents dust and dirt getting into the case.
  • Fits your iPhone 5 / 5S like a glove. 

In the past, I had always protected the screen of my previous iPhones with one of those thin film protectors, (you know the ones that no matter how hard you try, will always have a bit of dust or bubbles underneath?) I used to order multiples and make sure my caffeine intake was minimal before attempting to place it on the glass. (truthfully, I’ve gotten pretty good over the years with minimizing dust particles and bubbles but still I ordered multiples. And I always placed one on the back of the iPhone, just to further protect it from the inside of the protective case)

LUVVITT TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector for iPhone 5

This time, I was intrigued by the LUVVITT® TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector for iPhone 5 for $14.95.

Rather than film, it’s an actual 0.33mm piece of glass that floats over the original Apple glass to protect your screen. After I got it from Amazon and had a look at it, I was filled with dread. It was definitely a rigid piece of glass, no lifting up and trying again if I got it wrong and no ordering multiples. It even came with a special glass remover tool. Hmmm… (maybe I should just order some film protectors). It sat in it’s box on my dining room table for at least 2 days before I gathered up enough courage to try to apply it. And during those 2 days, my iPhone 5 remained in it’s original from-the-factory plastic covering, untouched by human hands. Or at least by me… or my husband… or any other interloper.

  • Compatible with iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C. Doesn’t interfere with the fingerprint home button.
  • Premium grade Japanese Asahi Tempered glass with 9H+ scratch resistant surface (almost as hard as a diamnond with highest resistance at 10H)
  • Ultra clear Shock-resistant layer under the glass. High touch sensitivity.
  • No bubbles or residue.
  • Rounded edges for flawwless integration and smooth feel.

Finally, I got the courage to try it and after carefully removing the Apple factory plastic covering,  slid the LUVVITT® TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector for iPhone 5 right on the screen– perfect! No bubbles, no dust, and it looks beautiful — like the iPhone itself. You can barely tell that there is a screen protector on the glass at all.

Together, with the LUVVITT® CLEARVIEW Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Back Case with Bumper / Cover for iPhone 5 my iPhone looks beautiful. Now I need to find a way to add my logo!

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This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for my LUVVITT case and Screen Protector with my own money. 



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