Pretty Rose Gold Costume Jewelry under $8 shipped – order early for the Holidays!

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Rose Gold Fairy Necklace

 Rose Gold Costume Jewelry


For fans of the ‘belle – check out this adorable Rose Gold Fairy Necklace at Amazon for only $5.89 shipped!

Recently I’ve become intrigued with rose gold costume jewelry and stumbled across an Amazon seller called JoyStore1 that offer lots of amazing pieced priced under $10. Now, these aren’t heirloom pieces, but they will be fun fashion while the trend lasts ;)

This item ships from overseas, so expect delivery in 15-25 days. Order early for the holidays.

Rose Gold Costume Jewelry



Rose Gold Snake Chain w/ Rhinestones Bracelet $8.03 shipped

Retro Style Rose Gold Plated Exquisite Hollow Long Drop Earrings $3.66 shipped

Classic Fancy Rose Gold Four Claw Ring $4.73 shipped


Rose Gold Costume Jewelry

Retro Green-Eyed Fox Rose Gold Ring $5.56 shipped

Rose Gold Plated Round Rhinestone Necklace $5.58 shipped

ose Gold Plated Heart Shape Crystals Bracelet $7.01 shipped


Rose Gold Costume Jewelry


Fancy Rose Gold Oval Opal Ring $5.12 shipped

Rose Gold Plated Oval Champagne Rhinestone Earrings $6.42 shipped

Rose Gold Polycyclic Ring $5.42 shipped

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