News: First Pink Slime, Now Meat Glue?



First we had to worry about Pink Slime, now it’s Meat Glue?


Meat glue is a process used by the meat industry that binds cheaper cuts of meat together to create what appears to be a nice cut of meat. The official term for meat glue is transglutaminase.


Originally it was made from livestock blood, though now it’s created with natural enzymes from fermented bacteria. (Disgusting. )


You’re most likely to find “Glued Filets”  in places where prime cuts of meat are served in bulk. Places such as restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias. (best to get the chicken?) Filet Mignon is the cut that is most often glued together, because it is considered an expensive cut.


And,  it’s readily available to purchase online. Scary.


The federal government says meat processed with transglutaminase is safe to eat, but there is something you need to know. The outside of a piece of meat comes in contact with a lot of bacteria making its way from slaughterhouse to the table. Usually cooking a steak on the outside will kill all that off. The center of a single cut of steak is sterile — that’s why you can eat it rare. But glue pieces of meat together and now bacteria like E. coli could be on the inside. Click here to read more.


Seriously? I am thisclose to becoming a vegetarian.




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