New Update to iBotta App = More Savings Opportunities!

iBotta App

New Update to iBotta App



Wow! iBotta Cash Back App just keeps getting better and better! Today, they launch their updated app with even more ways to save!  You can join for FREE and if you’re already a member, make sure to  update your Ibotta app today so you can start earning more cash back!



iBotta new store extras

New Store Extras!

On top of the offers you already enjoy, you’ll find new offers which can be redeemed in specific retailers only. Go to the Main Menu in the Ibotta app to discover your Store Extras.

From the Main Menu, you can explore Bonuses which allow you to earn additional cash. As you complete Bonuses, even more will be unlocked.  Here is a select list of Bonuses launching on Today:


$.50 April Showers
Quick! Redeem any 4 offers by the end of April and earn an extra $.50. Once you earn April Showers, you will unlock another exciting Bonus.

$1.00 Steady Eddy
Redeem at least 1 offer each week for 4 weeks in a row. The Bonus clock starts on Monday of every week. Remember not to miss a week or the clock restarts all over again!

$1 Coke-Walmart April Challenge
Redeem all 4 Walmart Store Extras by the end of April and earn $1.00 Extra.


Ibotta Newbie Bonus

I’f you haven’t joined Ibotta yet, these bonus opportunities are especially for you:

$2 Newbie Bonus
All new users who sign up for Ibotta can each earn $2 if they redeem 2 offers within the first 2 weeks of registering for Ibotta.  So get it today!

The new Friend Referral Program is now called Friend Bonuses. Every time you earn a Friend Bonus, you earn cash, and unlock additional Bonuses. The payout for each level in Friend Bonuses will be at least equal to $1 per friend referred, and sometimes much more! WOW!

In addition to the offers already available in the Ibotta Product Gallery, users will now find new offers in the new Store Extras section, which can be redeemed at specific retailers. Another great new earning opportunity.

Download or Update the Ibotta App today!


Ibotta allows you to earn cash each time you shop. Here’s how: 
Before shopping, choose your offers by completing tasks in the Ibotta Product Gallery. Choose your earning level for each product offer by completing as many tasks as you like such as reading a fact, answering a trivia question, watching a video, etc. Once you complete at least one task per product offer, the product offer is automatically added to your shopping list on the Ibotta app so you can earn money for purchasing the item.



Thanks, Mission to Save!

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