My Love Affair with TEVA sandals!


 Teva Mush Sandals Review

 Teva Mush Sandals


Growing up in Southern California, I’ve owned hundreds of of flip-flops during my lifetime. Expensive beaded ones from Nordstroms, Havianas, kitschy ones, cheap ones from Rite Aid, FREE ones from Old Navy and they all served their purpose — to be cute and/or functional shoes that I could slip on that would protect my feet from hot sand and sidewalks.

But, then my life changed. :)

A few years ago, there was a coupon code for The Clymb (no longer available) and I ended up getting a pair of TEVA sandals for $2.98 + the cost of shipping.  From that moment on, no other flip flop style sandals will do. I live in my TEVA’s!

I still look for deals, though. After all, I am frugal through and through! I try to keep my Teva addiction down to the $15-$17 range. Recently, Zulily had them on sale and I picked up 2 new pairs. So excited!


TEVA Mush sandals


So what about Teva do I find so compelling?

Comfort –  I prefer the Mush styles. They feel like memory foam on top of a great athletic shoe base. Kinda bouncy and I can walk all day in them. There’s a slight arch, and I need all the arch support I can get. The straps are usually a wide fabric and even those styles with embellishments have a fabric backing where the delicate top of your foot meets the strap. The anchor of the straps on either side are set in a bit, and the strap itself is contoured to fit around the side of your foot – all so the flip flop actually stays on your foot. It’s so embarrassing when a flip flop shoots out in front of you as you walk ;)

I have somewhat wide feet and even with this contour, Teva Footwear fits me great. I wear a 7.5 and Teva recommends half-sizes to go up to the next size. Size 8 works for me! I haven’t made the leap to Teva shoes, but I see them in my future!


Check out Teva on 6pm!



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  1. Thanks for letting us know about these flip flops, I will be on the look out for deals! Vicki