#MENDAY MONDAY – Why Jon Hamm is Hotter than Don Draper

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Yes, we all discovered Jon Hamm as Don Draper. But Donnie Drapes isn’t a very nice guy. And the actor under the fedora is so much more interesting than the womanizing, selfish, and mostly drunk character on Mad Men.

Read on to see why Jon Hamm is hotter than Don Draper

Jon Hamm

1. Jon Hamm is a comedy nerd. When he first moved to LA, he was a regular audience member at UCB (still is!) because it was a cheap way to have fun. He’s maintained friendships with the comedians he met including Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis.

2. He gives really good podcasts. Here, here, here, oh and here.

3. He’s been with his girlfriend since 1997…. probably should marry her by now. ;)

4. He giggles.

5. He looks great in a suit. Tina Fey said, “Jon Hamm has the comedy skills of an SNL cast member, the exoskeleton of an Arrow shirt model and the gratitude and work ethic of a person who got famous after the age of thirty.” (Playboy)


6. He worked at a Daycare Center while he attended college and that was BEFORE he went back to his High School to teach!

7. He appeared on Sesame Street.

8. He takes on roles in order not to be typecast as Don Draper. See Dr. Drew BairdOlder DoctorSergio and the Ambiguously Gay Duo  

9. Here he is as a cartoon with his dog  (a rescue, naturally)

10. The Bridesmaids outtakes (a bit NSFW)

11. He’s friends with Paul Rudd!

Jon Hamm Paul Rudd

12. He dances, and sings!

13. He hits home runs! And bowls, too! But he’s needs some practice at Water War. 

14. Oh, and then there’s that whole peen thing ;)

Jon Hamm peen

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! And I love Jon Hamm!

  2. I LOVE Jon Hamm. He would definitely get IT before Don Draper ever would lol!

  3. Bwhahaha! I was wondering if you were going to mention the peen.
    Thanks for listing such fab factoids! I love him too!