Martha Stewart Halloween Witch and Cat Silhouette Lawn Ornament Project

Martha Stewart Halloween Witch and Cat Silhouette ProjectMartha Stewart Halloween Witch and Cat Silhouette Project


In October 2005, Martha Stewart Living Magazine featured an amazing Halloween Witch and Cat Silhouette Lawn Ornament decoration that I just had to have! But, as with many of Martha’s projects it was a bit too complicated for me (meaning power tools were involved.)  I decided to show my husband…

Luckily, he was up to the challenge. Pictured above is our completed project from the Martha Stewart magazine cover! We completed it in 2006, and it’s been the centerpiece of our Halloween Graveyard decor ever since. The first year we had them up, we had so many neighbors come by and ask, “Is that from the Martha Stewart cover?” Every year, they are a hit!

During the rest of the year, we store them in the rafters and come Halloween, dust them off, touch up the paint and add the accessories.

Here are the step- by-step directions from Martha. Read on to see some real-world tips from someone who has completed the project (with the husbands help!)

Martha Stewart Living Magazine Witch and Cat Silhouettes

You’ll need

  • Jigsaw + (2) sawhorses
  • Hammer + Screwdriver
  • (2) 4×8 sheets of 3/4″ plywood (one for the cats and one for Miss Witch)
  • (2) 6ft sections of heavy duty conduit (available at Lowes or Home Depot)
  • (10) conduit straps with 2 holes and 20 wood screws (available at Lowes or Home Depot)
  • (1) screw in hook
  • Black latex paint ( I recommend a flat finish) and brushes
  • Spray adhesive
  • Sandpaper
  • Broom – I picked up some squiggly willow reeds at a store like Pier 1, Michaels or World Market and spray painted them black
  • Lantern – I found an inexpensive lantern at either Pier1 or World Market
  • (1) LED candle

I recommend starting with the cats. They are easier to work with and working on them gets you ready to tackle the witch.

Print out the Cat template here. Then, make some room to lay out the printed sheets as shown. Make sure to tape the pages together completely (it makes things much easier)

Lightly spray the adhesive on the plywood and lay the taped pages on top. I found it easier to cut the cats out separately and having my husband cut the plywood for each individual cat. It made the process cleaner without the excess paper.

After the cat shapes are cut out, lightly sand the front to remove any tackiness from the spray adhesive. Sand the sides to remove any jagged edges.

Position the conduit straps as shown in Martha’s directions and add screws to hold them in place.

Then paint the front and the sides of the cat cutout and let dry. I ended up using 2 coats of paint.

When completely dry, use a screwdriver to make a hole in the ground, then insert the conduit firmly where you want the figure to stand. Slide the cat figure on to the conduit pipe through the metal strap on the back. The pipe will be too long, so you will need to cut the pipe so that it doesn’t show and so that you’ll have enough pipe to hold up the other 2 cat figures.

That’s basically it! The witch is pretty much the same, just larger. Now that you have experience with the cat figures, the witch should be a piece of cake!

Use Martha’s Witch template and directions as to where to place the straps. Add the hook on the back of witch’s hand to place the lantern.

Since I’m not allowed to have a roaring bonfire in the background to illuminate the silhouettes as Martha does on her farm, I use an outdoor floodlight holder like this and a colored bulb,

A fog machine increases the spookiness even more!

So for less than $75, you’ll have an awesome Halloween decoration that will last many many years!

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