Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance Samples attached to Fashion Magazines!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance Samples attached to Fashion Magazines!Marc Jacobs Daisy Samples attached to Fashion Magazines


If you subscribe to fashion magazines from Hearst like Cosmo, Seventeen, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar or Marie Claire, keep an eye out for 2 nice sized sample vials of Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance!

The sample perfume vials are attached to the outside spine of November 2013 issues of select Hearst magazines. The samples are housed in a long thin tube. Magazines that include the samples will arrive in polybags, but not all subscribers will receive the samples, though. :(

I received mine in my November issue of Marie Claire. (I had to recreate how it was packaged originally for the photo above.)

“The November issues from Hearst this year will be fresh as daisies…literally! Select print subscribers to Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire and Seventeen will get the added bonus of a pod-like strip near the spine of the glossy, containing two sample vials of Marc Jacob’s Daisy fragrance. A clear upgrade from the scented oil strip insert and a step above the 1 milliliter sample given out by stores, this 2.5-milliliter vial should last ’til next month’s issue lands in your mailbox. How long has this initiative been in the works? Hearst and Fragrance Marketing International have been developing and perfecting the product for the past 10 months. As Coty has been focusing their budgets on rolling out Honey, Jacob’s newest perfume, the inclusion of Daisy for subscribers is timed to roll out during the busy holiday shopping season. How about the hommes? Expanding to titles like Esquire (or, say, Town & Country) isn’t out of the question, we’ve been told. Nor is including samples of skincare, hair care and even cosmetics with the glossies. Bring on the samples!”

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