Man Zi Miao Wine Lip Tint – Cheap Things from China I bought on Ebay

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 Man Zi Miao Wine Lip Tint

Man Zi Miao Wine Lip Tint – Cheap Things from China I bought on Ebay


One of my favorite ways to while away a few unscheduled moments is to peruse cheap Beauty, Fashion and Accessory items on eBay. The variety of merchandise available for $1 – $5 is pretty amazing. Many times I’m tipped off to intriguing items by targeted Facebook Ads (that always have a much higher price tag than what you can get it for on eBay!)

Of course, since the items are shipped from overseas, they can take a long time to get to the US. It’s gotten better, (sometimes in as little as 2 weeks!) But, it’s fun to go on a little, low-cost shopping spree, and get surprises in your mailbox a few weeks later.

On Wednesday, March 29, I received a Man Zi Miao Wine Lip Tint that I ordered on March 13th for $0.95 shipped!

Read more to see what I got for $0.95 ….

Man Zi Miao Lip Tint Wine Bottle


I am all about lip stains – basically anything that I can apply that won’t require touchups throughout the day. When I first saw the color after unscrewing the cap, I didn’t love it. I thought it was a little too coral/pink. With my haircolor, I try to avoid anything with a orange tint. I had forgotten what color I ordered, but in the eBay listing it appeared to be a sheer watermelon/strawberry wash.  The color I ordered was CR01 – listed on the package as Rose Coral.

Man Zi Miao Rose Coral CR01 Wine Bottle Lip Stain

(the top faded swatch was after a failed photo attempt and after washing with soap & water)

I applied it and was surprised by the consistency – very light, almost like water. The color went on easily and was very lightweight and dries to a matte finish. Even now, after wearing it for about 3 hours (shown in pics), I can barely feel the color on my lips, and when I wipe my mouth with a tissue, very little product comes off. So that’s a big plus.

Man Zi Miao Wine Bottle Lip Tint Rose Coral CR01

(3 hours after applying – after lunch and coffee)

I was a bit taken aback by the somewhat medicinal taste. (I think it’s the mineral oil base) There seems to be no flavor/fragrance added as you’d find in more expensive lip colors.

I also wasn’t expecting a packaged product. The box arrived a bit crumpled, but still a nice touch. The wine bottle-shaped container is adorable (and what attracted me to the product in the first place.)

This is the actual eBay item I purchased. If that’s no longer available, click here to find Wine Bottle Lip Tints currently available on eBay.

My verdict is – I’m going back to purchase more colors! There’s a 6 pack for only $4.85 – about $0.81 per color!

click here for more details

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