Mad Men Season 6 DVD – No Audio Commentaries?

 Mad Men Season 6 DVD No Audio Commentaries

Mad Men Season 6 DVD – No Audio Commentaries?


You may have guessed if you’ve read my blog or seen my Twitter profile that I am an extreme Mad Men fan.

Today, I received the Mad Men Season 6 Blu-Ray and have to say, I am more than disappointed that there are no audio commentaries from the cast and creators. I mean, isn’t this pretty standard for DVD releases of television series? All the other Mad Men DVD releases have had Audio Commentaries for every episode — sometimes with multiple choices of who you want to listen to.

And compared to previous seasons of Mad Men on Blu-Ray, the special features aren’t that enticing either.

Back in August, TVGuide writer David Lambert wrote that the Mad Men Season 6 DVD package was to include:

Mad Men – Season 6 to be in stores on November 5th. Priced at $49.97 SRP for the 3-disc BD set <edit: I paid $27.99 for the Blu-Ray> and a penny more for the 4-disc DVD version, they both come with English subtitles (plus closed captioning on the DVDs), as well as these extras:

Commentaries, interviews and innovative special features examining the time period and culture of the Mad Men era:

  • Design of a Decade
  • Recreating an Era
  • Gay Power!
  • Gay Pride!
  • Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out

My Mad Men Season 6 Blu-Ray only contained episodes 1 – 13, Summer of Love Interactive Gallery, Turn On Tune in Drop Out, and Recreating an Era. And again, no audio commentaries! Arrggghh.. I love audio commentaries. You learn more about the production (both creative and technical), and the actors reveal their motivations behind their performance plus interesting on-set tidbits. And I got nothin’ for Mad Men Season 6.

I’m happy to have all the episodes for Mad Men Season 6 and will enjoy binge watching the downward spiral of Don Draper and trying to understand how Bob Benson goes from the guy carrying 2 coffees in an elevator to a mid-level character.

This was not my favorite season of Mad Men though, because, for me there was just too much filler. Especially towards the last few episodes. I had no interest in the story line of Pete’s mother and her high-sea adventure with her male nurse. And, why did Betty dye her hair brown for a few episodes? But, Mad Men Season 6 continued the story of Don Draper and that’s always interesting. At least to this point. Don’t mess it up (like you did this DVD release), Weiner.




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  1. Arrggghh..! too…
    Just received my Season Six DVD and wondered where the actor commentaries are. My first thought it must be the fact that it’s the German version (though all the season before there was the commentaries included) and there must be another US version with. So I googled and found this post and turns out you also lack of them.
    I hate that, I always enjoyed watching the episodes again and get a glimpse of Weiner’s intention and actors opinions, that was the main reason to even get the DVD, cause I watched the season already.
    I can’t understand why they cancelled this feature. Thumbs down….