Lush: Spring Fling Chat party starts at 2pm PT!






If you’re looking for the scoop about the 2013 Lush Spring Celebration Chat Party on April 11, 2013, click here!


If you love LUSH Cosmetics, make sure to attend the Spring Fling Chat Party today at 2pm PT!

The Chat room opens at 2pm PT. Then, at 3pm PT the LUSH staff arrives and start giving out prizes, running contests like LUSHious trivia with chances to win LUSH stuff. You’ll have a chance to talk directly to Lush and learn more about the company!

To join the party, click here, then scroll to the bottom right and look for the Spring Fling icon. Click and you’re in!


Here’s what they will be selling at the Chat Party – you can get through it only from the Chat Room (through the directions above)
Absolute Delight Bath Bomb
Rainbow Worrier Bath Bomb
Psychodelic Bubble Bar
Blue Skies
Party On
Nutts Massage Bar
Hot Milk
Canadian Maple Soap
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar
Silver Cloud Bath Bomb
Uluru Bath Bomb
Hot Java Bath Bomb


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