Change to USPS Movers Guide Lowe’s 10% Coupon + How to Save up to an Additional 7%!


change to usps movers guide change of address lowes coupon

Change to USPS Movers Guide Lowes Coupon


If you have been stopping by your local Post Office for a 10% Lowe’s Coupon, be aware the USPS Movers Guide Lowe’s Coupon process has changed! No longer is it an actual coupon you can grab and use at Lowe’s.

Now, it is a unique code that you enter online at Your 10% off coupon will be emailed to you.

The reason I am posting about this change, is that Lowe’s has a pretty decent system that recognizes previous requests. (I don’t know if the system remembers down to the IP level, but it most definitely recognizes previous email addresses.) To be safe, I would recommend using a different computer and a different email address.

And don’t forget you can pre-purchase Lowe’s Gift Cards and save up to  an additional 7%! 

Purchase Lowe’s Gift Cards through this link and get $5 off your first purchase with code NewUser5!


discounted lowes gift card


This post is for informational use only.
To get the Lowe’s 10% coupon, enter your code from the USPS Movers Guide online at


click here for more details

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Offer is subject to change.




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