Large 19.2 oz Bags of M&Ms $2.90! No coupons required!


Large M&Ms 19.2 oz Bags Staples Deal

Large M&Ms 19.2 oz Bags Staples Deal



Love M&Ms?

You’ll love this Staples deal, where you can pick up large 19.2 oz bags of plain or peanut M&Ms for only $2.90! These usually sell for about $6 a bag and are a near necessity for Easter baskets! :)


Have them shipped to your local store to save on shipping! Or buy 16 bags to qualify for FREE shipping!


If you have a Staples Rewards account, check your coupon wallet to see if you have any breakroom coupons to stack. A $10/$30 Staples breakroom coupon would be sweet! (I didn’t have any!)


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