Jingit: $50 Check-In Challenge!





So yesterday I told you about Jingit (the new program where you earn money for giving your time and attention by watching ads and checking in & scanning products.)

Today I received this email about Jingit’s random $50 Check-In Challenge, and then later found out that 2 of my blogging buddies had actually won!


One was shopping at Walmart and when she started up the Jingit App on her SmartPhone saw that MiO Liquid Water Enhancer had a $50 check-in reward!  She hurried over to the aisle where it was located, scanned the package, then watched as $50 was added to her Jingit account!


Now, I hope we are all that lucky, but this IS a random challenge. However, with Jingit being such a new program, there’s probably not that many people using the mobile program yet — maybe our chances will be pretty good!


If you haven’t signed up for the Jingit program, click here. You’ll also see the links to download the iPhone and Android Apps.


Not only do you earn money for watching videos and checking in/scanning products but Walmart has partnered with Jingit in the fight against hunger. Your participation in the Jingit program helps provide meals to families in need. Walmart will also give $50,000 to 20 communities with the next highest amount of support. Watch videos for Planters, Mio, and Jello to join the fight.






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