Introducing the FREE Favado Mobile App for iPhone and Android – Weekly Ad Matchups, Coupons & More!

favado mobile app

Favado Mobile App


Have you noticed that we’ve increased Coupon Matchups to include all the major grocery and drugstores in Southern California? That’s because All Those Things I Love was chosen to be part of a new way to shop! And now all those matchups and many more can be found in one mobile app!

Introducing the FREE Favado Mobile App for iPhone and Android– the new savings app that helps you save money and not overspend on everyday items by knowing when your favorite grocery and drugstore items are on sale. Favado uses a combination of industry data and information from money saving experts who hand select sales and coupons every week — in more than 65,000 grocery and drugstores nationwide — to enable discovery of the best deals for savings up to 70% on everyday items.

With the Favado Mobile App, you’ll have access to matchups for nearly 100 grocery and drugstore chains across the country!

Favado Mobile App

With the Favado Mobile App, you can compare prices at your favorite grocery, drug and big box chains stores in your area, no matter what part of the country you’re in and easily compare prices on specific items or categories across multiple stores at once. You’ll save time building and sharing shopping lists for the week, of favorites, or those once-in-awhile stock-up items.

Money Saving Experts provide additional regional sales data to Favado. These experts pick their favorite “top deals” for the week to help you save even more.

Save your favorite products and brands to the “Faves” list to see stores offering sales on your preferred items. You can even set up notifications for new sales for stores you select.

And with Favado, you’ll know when additional coupon savings are available and where to find them.

Favado Mobile App

The Favado Mobile App is simple to use.

  • Just download the app and use the “Near Me” button in the store setup, and Favado will show you stores in your area that are currently covered. Simply tap preferred stores to add them to your queue. The more you select, the more choice you’ll have when comparing sales.
  • After you add your stores, tap “ALL” to pull up all products on sale in one list sorted by categories, like frozen foods, personal care, pharmacy, meats, condiments, produce, deli and more. Looking for organic? There’s an entire category to make it easy.
  • To create your shopping list, tap “Add to List” on your favorite products from your stores. Then tap on the list icon to view each shopping list for each store. You’ll get information about insert or printable coupons that are available for the items you select.
  • You can browse the best deals by tapping the “Best” section and the deals that the Money Savings Experts recommend!

With this one mobile app you can gain to access information across stores within an area, easily identify sales on favorite items, and get the best possible price through links to coupons or information about inserts or flyers. Know before you go!

Click here to get the awesome FREE Favado Mobile App now!

Favado Mobile App

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