*Expired*Home Depot: Play Zombie Mulch to Win $5/$5, $10/$10, and $15/$15 Printable Coupons!



Home Depot Zombie Mulch facebook Game Printable Coupons

Home Depot Zombie Mulch Game



***UPDATE: If you have played the game, but have not received your coupons, go back into the game and after it loads, click on “STATS”.  There, you will be able to claim your $5, $10, $15 coupons. The coupons will be emailed to you. It might take a few minutes for you to receive them (mine came 15 minutes after requesting)***



Have you made mulch of the Home Depot Zombies? 

When I first tried this game I gave up, even though there’s a $5 off $5.01, a $10 off $10.01, and a $15 off $15.01 coupon reward!


It was just too hard. But when I realized that your scores accumulate the more you play it, and that you can get double the points when you sign up for Home Depot Garden Club emails, I decided to try it again.  Click the orange banner on the top left to sign up and earn double “zombie mulching” points.



double zombie mulch poiints earn faster home depot facebook game


40 minutes later and I have 3 coupons from Home Depot that should net $30 in FREE Lawn and Garden products!



home depot zombie mulch email printable coupons



What am I talking about?


Head over here to play the Home Depot Zombie Mulch Facebook Game. Mow down the Zombies while avoiding the obstacles and make ‘em into mulch. (It’s kind of like The Walking Dead meets Frogger)


home depot zombie mulch facebook game instructions


Once you’ve accumulated enough Zombie Mulch you’ll be rewarded with a $5 off $5.01 purchase in the Lawn & Garden department printable coupon.


But that’s not all…continue playing and when you reach the next level, you’ll get a $10 off $10.01 purchase in the Lawn & Garden department printable coupon!


You’re not done yet! Continue playing and when you reach the final level, you’ll get a $15 off $15.01 purchase in the Lawn & Garden department printable coupon!


That’s right! 3 separate printable coupons will be delivered to your email inbox! I plan to head over tomorrow and pick up something pretty…maybe as a gift! Or perhaps a gift to myself! After mulching all those Zombies, I deserve it! ;)


***UPDATE – to see what I scored, click here! ***

****UPDATE 2 – see what my husband scored!***


If you’re wondering exactly what you can get with this coupon – check out what Home Depot answered on their Facebook Wall!



what can you get home depot zombie mulch coupon lawn & garden dept 28


home depot zombie mulch facebook game

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  1. I played for 50 mins, none of my coupons worked and now I can’t get to the stats page – just a 501 Bad Gateway message. Ugh. Hope they fix it soon. I hate FB games.

    • I don’t know if this will work, but maybe log into your FB account with another browser and see if you can access stats that way? I played all mine in Chrome.

  2. That worked!! Thanks so much! It didn’t save all of my points, but I was able to get the $10 and $5. Thanks for the heads up on this – and the toubleshooting!! :)

  3. Going to try this one on Halloween and earn those points.

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this game info! I needed pumpkins for my girls for a project at school, and I can grab a few Christmas gifts too! What a blessing! So excited, and I already go the $10 and $5! Thanks for the link, the tips and the pics to get me interested! Awesome!

  5. Thanks a million! These are AMAZING coupons! I plan on saving mine for those awesome Black Friday sales!

    Yay! $30 in Home Depot stuff!


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