Groupon Reserve – FREE Restaurant Reservations & Savings up to 40% off!

 Groupon Reserve

Groupon Reserve


I love that Groupon keeps on finding new ways to help us save! The new iteration is Groupon Reserve.

Groupon Reserve is a free service that offers reservations to high end restaurants AND provides discounts up to to 40% off (depending on the date and time of your reservation). You’re not purchasing a voucher, just making a reservation for as little as 30 minutes ahead of time up to 30 days in advance.

What Reserve does for restaurants is comparable to what and services like it do for hotels and rental car providers: By raising or lowering the price of a restaurant seat, according to demand, it allows restaurants to fill tables that otherwise would sit empty. Restaurants tell Reserve how much excess capacity they have, and when they have it. Reserve prices it and sells it. -ABC News-

Currently Groupon reserve is available for restaurants in the following metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Long Island, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, North Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC, Westchester.

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