Google Chromecast – Why it’s my new Favorite Thing!

 Google Chromecast

 Google Chromecast


So you know how it is when you have a group of friends and family over, and people start talking about the latest viral video they saw on YouTube? Then they start passing their phone or tablet around? The problem is, usually only one or two people at a time can see the screen.

Or do you find that you’re watching more web content using a small screen? I recently picked up the new Google Chromecast and I love it! (Truthfully, I bought it not fully understanding what it was or what it does – but it sounded cool! And it’s only $35.) ** Now the Chromecast is available from Amazon**

I’ve installed it and have been using it for about a week — and it’s my new favorite thing! So what is it?


Google Chromecast is a digital media streaming adapter. It plugs into the HDMI port of your HDTV and plays web-based audio/video content on your TV by streaming it via your Wi-Fi connection. Just select the content you want to play on your HDTV by using the Chromecast App (available for iOS or Android devices) or within your Internet browser by clicking the small Chromecast icon on the browsers toolbar.

It’s tiny, too — measuring about 3 inches long.

Chromecast Browser Bar IconChromecast Browser Icon


Setup is simple. Plug the Chromecast into an open HDMI port on your HDTV. Visit the Chromecast Download Page and follow the instructions. Chromecast will find your wi-fi connection and ask you for your Wi-fi password. You’ll also be instructed to drag the Chromecast icon to your Chrome browser menu bar. That’s pretty much it!

Netflix and YouTube are native to the Chromecast, meaning all you need to do is to select the ChromeCast Icon on Netflix or YouTube from your browser. (to view Netflix, a subscription is required)


Chromecast YouTube IconChromecast YouTube Icon


Chromecast Netflix

Chromecast Netflix Icon


Chromecast in BrowserChromecast Browser Tab


I’m a Big Brother Live Feed nerd… it’s great to watch the feeds on our giant TV, rather than on my computer!  You can also cast Hulu, HBO Go, Vimeo and more. I have found that the playback on video (other than Netflix and YouTube), seem to be a bit jittery. Still, definitely worth the $35!

If you’re using an Android or iPhone/iPad — download the app and select YouTube or Netflix.

ChromeCast iPhone App

Chromecast iOS App


It’s great when guests come over, too. Once they have access to your wi-fi network, and have downloaded the Chromecast  iOS or Android App, they can Chromecast to your HDTV, too!

I’m sure there are some more glitches, but the $35 price makes this a great little device. I’m pretty sure Chromecast will be at the top of many wishlists this Holiday season!

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  1. I hadn’t been paying attention at all, I had seen the cute little device but did not realize how cool it is! My kids will no longer fight over the iPad to watch Netflix, thanks for this post notification in Google+. -Eleanor

  2. Very cool! A must when the Grandkids visit! Thanks for sharing this with us! I need to get one! Very helpful info! :)