Glen Ivy Day Spa in Brea – one of Those Things I Love!

This is not a sponsored post. I was not provided any compensation to write this article. Glen Ivy Day Spa in Brea is just one of those things I love!

Glen Ivy Day Spa in BreaGlen Ivy Day Spa in Brea


Sorry I haven’t posted anything today — I decided to indulge in a spa day with my lovely sisters-in-law!

My favorite spa, Glen Ivy Day Spa in Brea is just down the street from my house. Armed with a Glen Ivy Gift Card from my husband (he knows it’s one of my favorite gifts and easy for him to pick up at the spa or with a phone call), I was ready to relax with my girls.

The Brea location is a day spa, and smaller than the Hot Springs in Corona, but it’s conveniently located in North Orange County off the 57 freeway at Imperial Hwy at the Brea Mall. But, don’t worry, it’s so tranquil, you’ll have a hard time remembering you’re in a building attached to a huge shopping center!


Even though it’s a bit of a splurge, we did our best to remain true to our frugal roots and scheduled treatments from the Glen Ivy Midweek Wellness Program menu.  These special offerings are available (with reservations) Monday through Thursday at the Brea location only.

  • 50 minute Swedish Massage $79 – (regularly $99)
  • 50 minute Stress Reliever Massage $79 – (regularly $99)
  • 50 minute Glen Ivy Detox Body Treatment $79 – (regularly $99)
  • 50 minute Glen Ivy Facial $79 – (regularly $99)
  • 50 minute Glen Ivy Spa Manicure $40 – (regularly $49)
  • 50 minute Glen Ivy Spa Pedicure $40 – (regularly $49)
  • Glen Ivy Spa Manicure and Glen Ivy Spa Pedicure $75 – (regularly $99)

Glen Ivy Brea

It’s a super deal because in addition to saving money on your treatments, you get to relax in the indoor whirlpool bath, steam room, and the beautiful solarium! Take time out (between or before/after your treatments) on the comfy sofas and chaise lounges situated by the roaring fire. Even cuddle up with a ridiculously soft throw blanket. (New since my last visit!)

Beverages and fruit are provided, or order drinks and a healthy spa lunch.

Glen Ivy Brea

I normally frequent one of the various “inexpensive” nail factories salons in my area, but honestly, the prices for mani-pedis have creeped up! Lately it seems, I rarely get out for less than $50 – $60 with tip AND my nails usually chip in the first week! Not to mention the rushed and unfriendly atmosphere with questionable dog-eared magazines from 2012 and the same old tired Celine Dion/Cirque du Soleil DVD playing on the TV with the sound off  :(

At Glen Ivy, the manicurists are friendly and highly skilled… my nails usually grow out before they get too chipped! They focus on providing you with a great experience and I think it’s well worth the extra money for a fantastic mani-pedi that last longer plus all the spa amenities. I won’t go as often, but since the quality of the mani-pedi is so high, I won’t need to!

Glen Ivy Brea

I also scheduled a much-needed massage. My favorite is the Hot Stone Massage — wish it was on the Midweek Wellness Program (hint, hint, Glen Ivy!). Instead, I went with the 50 minute Stress Reliever Massage, which was a good alternative (but I kept waiting for her to put warm stones in my hands! ;) )

You can choose the scent of your massage oil. I went with Vanilla/Tangerine over Rosemary, Lavender, or Eucalyptus.

Glen Ivy Brea

I just love spending time relaxing and then freshening up with a nice hot shower. At Glen Ivy the showers are huge with multiple nozzles (there’s even one above your head.) The provided body wash, shampoo and conditioner smells so good! Pretty much everything you can think of is provided – robes, slippers, towels, lockers and a nice array of personal care products, so all you need to bring is you (and maybe a good book and a bathing suit!)

I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to experience these – but take a look at the Autumn Specials at Glen Ivy Day Spa Brea!

Pumpkin Pie Body Treatment

Enjoy a body exfoliation with the inviting scents of orange and pumpkin, mixed with natural clays, active yogurt cultures and enzymes that will make their skin glow and tingle with increased oxygenation and circulation. A delicious moisturizing custard of Honeysuckle and Blood Orange Cream will be massaged into the skin, making this a hydrating and nourishing, pumpkin perfect body treatment. (Available October 1st through November 30th.)

Body Scrub, Wrap & Massage | 80 minutes $158

Body Scrub & Massage | 50 minutes $99

Pumpkin Pie Pedicure

Filled with the seasonal scents of orange and pumpkin, legs will be exfoliated with a yummy mixture of Brown Sugar and Pumpkin Puree. A massage will follow with a silky-soft Honeysuckle-blood Orange Custard Cream massage that’s packed with live fruit extracts and hydrating aloe. The Pumpkin Pie pedicure finishes with nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care and polish of choice. (50 minutes, Available October 1st through November 30th.)


Images courtesy of Glen Ivy.

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  1. This looks great! Much better than the $35 I spent on a Korean massage on Friday. My back still hurts :(

  2. I love that place! Haven’t been there in a while, so I guess I’d better get something scheduled soon, huh?