Get 5% Cash Back at Starbucks, Drugstores and Gas Stations through March 31st with Chase Freedom!


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Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Starbucks Drugstores Gas Stations



Now through March 31st, get 5% Cash Back at Starbucks, Drugstores, or Gas Stations when you pay using a Chase Freedom Credit Card!

I received a text message, but you can sign up here for the offer.  You can also sign up for activation reminders via text message, email or Facebook.

You’ll receive cash back on up to $1,500 purchase made at Starbucks, Drugstores, or Gas Stations.



You can get a more complete list of participating stores and more details here. 


Starbucks – Only purchases made with your Chase Freedom card in-store at Starbucks® locations, at, and through the Starbucks® mobile phone application will qualify (including Starbucks® Card purchases and reloads). Please be aware that purchases made at Starbucks® locations within grocery stores, hotels, or other merchants may not qualify because the purchases may not be identifiable by Chase as having been made at a Starbucks® location.


Gas station category – merchants that sell automotive gasoline that can be paid for either at the pump or inside the station, and may or may not sell other goods or services at their location. Examples of merchants that sell types of fuel but are not included in the gas station category are truck stops, boat marinas, oil and propane distributors, and home heating companies.


Drugstore category – merchants that sell over-the-counter medicines, supplements, various health-related items, and prescription drugs through an onsite pharmacy. These merchants also sell cosmetics, toiletries, greeting cards, and various household items such as cleaning supplies and packaged foods and drinks. Please note that some merchants that sell a wide variety of goods including these items, and which may contain an onsite pharmacy, for example, warehouse clubs, discount stores, or grocery stores, are not included in the Drugstore category.

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