Get up to a $10 Rebate on Valvoline NEXTgen Motor Oil!

Valvoline NextGen rebate

Valvoline NextGen Motor Oil Rebate


If you save money by changing your own oil, save even more with the Valvoline NextGen Motor Oil mail-in rebate! To get the rebate:


Five quarts (including 5-qt, 5 , or 5.1 jug) of Valvoline’s NextGen Conventional Motor and receive a rebate for $7.
Five quarts (including 5-qt, 5 , or 5.1 jug) of Valvoline’s MaxLife NextGen High Mileage Motor Oil and receive a rebate for $10.
This original Valvoline NexGen Rebate form, original store identified receipt dated (within promotional dates listed) with purchase price circled. Send to: NextGen Offer, Dept. 35561, P. O. Box 6094, Douglas, AZ 85655-6094


NextGen starts from a better place than crude oil. Used oil has less contaminants and more oil molecules, so it’s better than crude for making new oil. Using the same refining processes as crude, we then make recycled oil better with our special additives for a formula that exceeds industry specifications and delivers the same Valvoline protection. NextGen is so good, it’s backed by our Engine Guarantee Program. Best of all, because recycling saves resources, NextGen protects more than your engine—it also protects the environment. And that makes NextGen even better than new oil.

Find Valvoline NextGen at Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, CarQuest, Meijer, Napa, O’reilly, PepBoys, Walmart. But NextGen is new, so it may not be everywhere yet. Please call ahead to make sure they have NextGen in stock.

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