FREE Transitions Lenses Decals Sample!

 Transitions lenses decals sample

 Transitions Lenses Decals Sample

Here’s my million dollar idea. As someone who wears prescription lenses, my choice of sunglasses is very limited. I always thought someone should come up with a tinted window cling that could be cut to shape and attached to regular prescription lenses to make them sunglasses.

While not exactly what I was thinking, this is very close! The makers of Transitions lenses are offering a FREE sample of Transitions Lenses Decals simulators! Request yours here.

These trial decals harmlessly adhere to your clear eyeglasses and demonstrate the remarkable technology found inside Transitions lenses.

*Transitions Trial decals are designed for single-use on clear eyeglass lenses only. They are intended to act as a temporary demonstration of how Transitions® Adaptive lenses seemlessly change from clear to dark and back to clear depending on the levels of UV light. Therefore, we recommend wearing the film inside and out as you would your regular clear lenses, on a temporary basis only. We will never disclose your personally identifiable information without your consent.

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