FREE 5GB Amazon Cloud Drive for iPhone or Android Photos

 Amazon Cloud Drive for iPhone or Android Photos

 Amazon Cloud Drive for iPhone or Android Photos

As a blogger I take many pictures with my iPhone. Then, I usually email myself the photos to use in blog posts. It’s a pain and my email box is cluttered, but it’s been the quickest way to getmy images loaded. Now I use the FREE Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for iPhone App that includes 5GB FREE cloud storage.

If you use an Android phone, there’s the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for Android here!

Now every time I come into a wi-fi environment, the photos I’ve taken upload automatically to my Amazon Cloud. From there, I can easily grab them to share.

Never Lose the Photos from Your Phone Again
The Cloud Drive Photos app makes it easy to securely store photos from your phone in the Cloud and have them available at your fingertips wherever you are. Your photos are safeguarded in your Amazon Cloud Drive, a secure and convenient online home for your photos, documents, and other important digital memories.

Bring Your Photos to Life…Anywhere
With the Cloud Drive Photos app, you can quickly and easily browse all the photos you’ve stored in Cloud Drive in a beautiful interface that brings your photos to life. Cloud Drive Photos provides a rich viewing experience similar to the Photos library of the latest-generation Kindle Fire tablets.

Get Peace of Mind
Don’t risk losing the memories captured on your phone. 5 GB of free storage is included with Amazon Cloud Drive to protect and store your phone’s photos. The app makes it simple to upload and store your photos directly from your iPhone so you never have to worry about losing them, even if your device is lost or damaged.

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