FREE $5 American Express Statement Credit with TripAdvisor Review

FREE $5 American Express Statement credit with TripAdvisor ReviewFREE $5 American Express Statement credit with TripAdvisor Review


If you carry an American Express card, post a review on TripAdvisor and get a FREE $5 American Express Statement Credit!

TripAdvisor is my favorite site to visit before I book a hotel room or plan any excursion. I found a fantastic hotel room in Dublin through TripAdvisor and if we ever go back I think we’ll be staying at The Trinity Capital Hotel again!

To get the $5 American Express Statement Credit …

Connect your eligible American Express Card with TripAdvisor here and leave one posted review (approved by TripAdvisor) before 23.59 (EST) on December 31, 2013. Corporate and Prepaid Cards are not eligible.

  • You must connect your American Express Card to TripAdvisor to be eligible to receive the $5 statement credit.
  • Quantities are limited.
  • Only one $5 statement credit per connected Card.
  • Your Card must remain connected until the statement credit is applied.
  • Statement credit may not be received if a review doesn’t meet TripAdvisor’s qualifications and is not posted by TripAdvisor.

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