Family Dollar: My Tongue Ith Thtuck Game – earn up to 120 My Coke Rewards Points!



my tongue ith thtuck is stuck family dollar my coke rewards MCR free points game

FREE My Coke Reward Points



With the new My Coke Rewards game, My Tongue Ith Thtuck from Family Dollar, you can get up to 120 MCR points FREE! You can play up to 6 times, and to earn 120 My Coke Rewards!

It’s silly and fun.

Just upload your picture and share your link through email, Facebook, or Twitter! Once 3 friends help you get unstuck from the pole, you’ll get 20 FREE my Coke Rewards Points! You can also send the email to yourself and get the points that way.



my tongue ith thtuck my coke rewrads mcr family dollar game 20 points

A gold star if you can identify my "helpers!"


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