Endorse: Get Ready for the Relaunch!




Do you miss Endorse as much as I do?

Well, make sure to sign up here to be notified when they relaunch. ATTIL reader Jennifer let me know that they have updated their Facebook page and the “How It Works” section:


Endorse gives you customized offers on all your favorite everyday items. You’ll earn anywhere from 10% to 100% cash back with every offer. Purchase in any store, any time. There are no coupons to clip, no bar codes to scan, no strings attached and no weird fine print. You simply earn cash for buying the everyday items you love. Crazy, huh?

Using Endorse is easy. Add the offers you like. Purchase those products in any store. Take a photo of your receipt. BAM! Money.

The more receipts you send us, the more personalized your offers and rewards become. That’s why we want you to send us receipts even when you’re not redeeming offers. In return, we’ll give you points for every single receipt you send to fund local school projects with DonorsChoose.org. You earn cash back, kids get the resources they need for a great education. Saving money never felt so good.


You can actually download the Endorse App for iPhone now, but it doesn’t let you log in yet.



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  1. You can get the App on your Andriod phone now too! (Still isn’t live yet though.)