How To: Lace Wrapped Easter Eggs

lace wrapped easter eggs technique

 Lace Wrapped Easter Eggs Dye Technique


I learned this craft from who else? Miss Martha!

Mine didn’t come out as perfect as hers, but I’m happy with the result. It’s really simple, too. And I like simple. :)

Look around the house for some old lace. You’ll need enough for about a 5-6″ diameter circle. (This year, rather than sacrificing something in my closet, I went on ebay and purchased from scrap lace ribbon for about $7)

scrap lace ribbon

Wrap the hard-boiled egg in the lace and secure with a rubber band. (I prefer to wrap the eggs horizontally, rather than vertically. I find there are less folds to smooth out, and you can always hide the gathering spot in the display.)

lace wrapped eggs

Then, carefully place the wrapped egg  in the dye. Let them sit for at least 30 minutes or longer.

coloring eggs

After you take the egg out of the dye, gently pat dry with a paper towel and carefully unwrap the egg. I find it’s easier (and less likely to smear the dye) to cut the rubber band, then try to unravel it. Place upright at an angle in empty egg carton. Let dry.

Fullscreen capture 3202014 75207 PM.bmp

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