Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes

 Easter Egg Basket cupcakes

Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes


I baked some basic cupcakes (since I had extra Cream Cheese Frosting from a Red Velvet Cake that I wanted to use up) I wanted to decorate them for Easter and I thought jelly beans would serve as cute decoration for eggs for these Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes.

But, jelly beans on cupcakes were pretty boring. These Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes came alive with the addition of green grass  in the fonm of dyed shredded coconut

I remembered that I had a bag of shredded coconut in my pantry, so to make the grass, I put a handful of shredded coconut in a sandwich bag, added a few drops of green food coloring and “massaged” the bag to color the coconut.  (my husband said it looked like shredded lettuce ;)

The rest was easy. Place a pinchful of colored coconut “grass” on top of the cupcake. Then place a few jelly bean “eggs” in the center!

I did this back in 2009 (way before I was aware of Pinterest) I do not remember how I came up with the idea, and will be happy to credit if this was your original idea.

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