FREE Trial DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on Sunday, September 8th, 2013

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket FREE Trial 9/8/13DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket FREE Trial 9/8/13


OMG. You would not believe how my husband acts when the NFL Football Season is close at hand. It’s seriously like the week leading up to Christmas! I told him if he didn’t calm down that I would be secretly taping his “happy dance” he performs when the commercial for a FREE Trial of DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package on 9/8 comes on.

The first time we heard about the FREE Trial on 9/8 was when I accidentally stepped on our DirecTV remote and it turned to channel 9981. The commercial runs in a loop saying that on Sunday 9/8, The DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package on channels 700-718 will be FREE!

See, the thing is — we are both extremely frugal. He, even more so than me. Try as I might, he will not buy the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package. I know he would love it, but he’s afraid that he would waste his Sunday’s engrossed in football. He’s the type of guy that need to keep busy. So, even though he would love the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package, he doesn’t feel deserving. Weirdo ;)

Sunday is better than ever with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and you won’t find it anywhere but on DIRECTV. And now, you can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the lowest price in almost a decade! So stock the fridge, fire-up the grill and invite over your game-day crew, because this is a sporting event you don’t want to miss.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET delivers every out-of-market NFL game* – straight to your living room in an all-digital format that will bring you closer to the game than ever.

Get complete control over what you see, even from outside the coaches’ box, with all the features that make NFL SUNDAY TICKET a fan-favorite. Watch up to 8 broadcasts at once with Game Mix, catch real-time stats and scores with your DIRECTV interactive receiver***, track up to 18 individual players at once with Player Tracker, watch every game in HD1, and more!




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