Diamond Walnuts: Class Action Walnut Settlement – up to $41



If you purchased Diamond Walnuts between March 22, 2006 and January 30, 2012, you may be eligible to receive a payment of up to $41 from a class action settlement.


This lawsuit claims that Diamond misbranded its walnut products by making false and misleading statements on package labels and the company’s website relating to  the health benefits of walnut consumption. Diamond denies it did anything wrong, defended itself throughout this litigation and asserts that its labels and website were truthful and consistent with the law. The Court has not decided who is right. Both sides have agreed to settle the dispute and get benefits to consumers.


You are a member of the proposed Settlement Class (i.e., “Class Member”) if you purchased, for personal or household use, Diamond of California brand walnuts, which include, but are not limited to, Shelled, Halves, Chopped, Finely Diced, Chips, Nut Topping, and In-the-Shell Walnuts (collectively “Walnuts”) products in the United States from March 22, 2006 through January 30, 2012. Class Members  are entitled to the Settlement restitution described below for their eligible purchases of Diamond Walnut products

The Settlement creates a Settlement restitution  of $2,600,000, Under the Settlement, an eligible Class Member who timely submits a completed Claim Form with any required proofs of purchase and who made eligible purchases of: (a) 3-pound bags of Diamond of California walnuts at Sam’s Club is entitled to receive $8.25 per bag (Sam’s Club Membership # required); (b) any Diamond of California walnut product (other than the 3-pound bags described in (a)) is entitled to $3.25 per bag.

Class Members who claim more than three 3-pound bags of Walnuts or more than five bags of any other Walnut products must also submit Proof of Purchase. Proof of Purchase is not required for claims of three or less 3-pound bags of Walnuts or five or less bags of any other Walnut products


More information and the claim form here.


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