Cutting the Cord with Live Streaming TV (or how to dump that Cable/Satellite bill)

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Cutting the Cord with Live Streaming TV


If you’re getting tired of those high cable or satellite bills and have considered cutting the cord, but don’t know how to proceed, here’s how we cut our monthly $170 satellite bill down to about $93 a month using streaming TV services instead!

I’m no millennial and the thought of giving up DirecTV made me nervous. But, I just had to look at the DirecTV bill (that made me cringe) to know it was time to make the change.

Here’s how we cut the cord:

Amazon Fire TV



1. Start by creating a list of the shows/channels that you and your family watch every week. For us, that includes the 4 major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox), CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Bravo, Nat Geo, HGTV, AMC, BBC America, the NFL Network, ESPN, TBS, E!, HBO, Showtime, and Lifetime.

2. Register for the Free Trials of the different Live Streaming services. If you don’t have a streaming device, you can still watch on your computer or mobile device.

We tried YouTubeTV, PlayStation Vue, SlingTV, and DirectTVNow. (Hulu just began offering live streaming TV – we didn’t get a chance to try it, though)

All have free trials of varying lengths of time. Check out the channels they provide and watch with the free trial to determine if the channel content offered line up with your personal watchlist.

Most of the Live Streaming services will offer a FREE streaming device to view content on a TV after your free trial ends, and after the first month’s payment. This is a good way to stream to a 2nd TV. Just make sure your TV has the correct ports for the device. Most newer sets do.

3. When you’re ready to make the cut, purchase a streaming device. We tried a Roku Box, a TiVo OTA (over the air), an Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV, and a Google Chromecast. We purchased these from Amazon, because after testing, we were able to return the devices that didn’t suit our needs.

We settled on the Amazon Fire TV with PlayStation Vue service. The factors that helped us reach that decision:

— ease of use
— a functional and easy to access guide
— Alexa voice control
— familiarity w/ Amazon Prime Video
— integration of other apps like Hulu, YouTube, and Facebook Video.

2 months later, after leaving behind a $170/mth DirecTV bill, we have adjusted to the new system that costs us $93/mth. A savings of $924 a year!

Here’s what we have….

(2) Amazon Fire TV’s $90 each = $180

Playstation Vue Ultra Package $74.99/mth (live TV streaming) – includes 90 channels including those on our watchlist + HBO and Showtime. Packages start as low as $39.99/mth

Hulu – $7.99/mth (mostly to watch The Handmaid’s Tale – will probably cancel when that series ends)

Netflix – $10/mth

Amazon Prime Video – included with our $99/yr Amazon Prime fee (that we can consider a bonus since we purchase Amazon Prime primarily for free 2 day shipping.)

As an added benefit, not only do we get Amazon Prime Video, but also Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Prime Photos


Things we miss:

We’re still learning the new system, but the DVR/Cloud Storage seems to be hit and miss. Let’s say my husband is grilling and one our favorite shows comes on. Depending on the channel, and even down to the actual show, I might be able to restart from the beginning, or only pause it for a short amount of time (I think 5 minutes) before it starts streaming again. On Demand options might be delayed for 24 hours.

DVRing – I’m still learning the system, but recording using the Cloud DVR isn’t intuitive, at least for me. I used to have years-old episodes on my DirecTV DVR, but since most of that content is available from various online streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, I’ve come to terms with it.

An easy to use Guide. – We chose the Amazon Fire TV box because we felt the interface offered the best Guide. Still, it is much different to what DirecTV offered. Instead of the channels being listed up and down and the shows listed by time, left to right, with the guide on Amazon Fire TV, the channels are listed from left to right. It’s still complete and accurate…. just different. And for us, it was the easiest to navigate to compared to the different streaming devices.

New things we love:

I love to use my iPhone, Amazon Fire tablet, or iPad to watch TV within a wi-fi environment. It saves on the electric bill by not having a giant 65″ TV on for hours at a time. Plus, if you can access wi-fi at a doctors office or hair salon, you have entertainment at your fingertips!

Less infomercials – Since you have less crappy channels on your channel list, you’re not having to scroll past all those silly infomercial shows.

Canceling DirecTV! – I’m sure my giddiness at saving over $900 a year was evident when I called to cancel ;)

So, are you going to cut the cord and save some money?


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