*Expired* Check Your Email for Amazon 10% off Code!



Amazon emailed 10% off code

Amazon 10% Coupon Code


Today (12/9/12), in email I received a message from Amazon with a 10% off coupon code valid on a purchase of $300 or more!  My husband got the same email for a purchase of $200 or more. Not sure why it would vary, I spend much more on little things than he does.


The email is sent from Amazon.com <store-news@amazon.com> and is titled 10% Off Your Next Purchase of $X00 or More. 

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  1. Would you be willing to share one of those codes if you won’t be using it? I need to make a large purchase on Amazon, and they apparently didn’t feel I was a good enough customer to merit a nice promo code like that… ;)

    • We actually made some large purchases with both our codes. And, the fine print states non-transferable …. did you check spam/trash folders? I had thrown mine away until my husband saw his.