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This is a sponsored post. I was provided with a box of P&G products to sample courtesy of P&G and She Speaks. Opinions are my own.

P&G Most Loved Products




    Here’s a tough question – which are your P&G most loved products? Tide? Bounty? Charmin? Olay? Swiffer? Not an easy decision is it?   I’ve grown up with P&G. Their products have been in my household as long as I can remember.   Remember Mr. Whipple? The store manager that admonished customers “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”?        





Hmm… that’s was a bit more racy than I remembered! (What do I know – I was probably 4!) But P&G has always added a healthy dose of humor to the advertising. Now days it’s the Charmin Bears that keep us buying Charmin! (I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this Charmin ad on Facebook!)      





P&G products have always been of the highest standard of consumer goods and have earned a well deserved place in my home. The advertising gets you, but it’s that the quality that keeps you. I know many people who refuse to use any other detergent than Tide. (And those Gain lovers are just cray-cray! ) But, as couponers who aren’t supposed to be brand loyal, I ask you. How great does it feel when you score a fabulous deal on Tide? I know I’ll go out of my way for it.     Do you remember when Tide was sold in gigantic boxes?  Then came the giant jugs. I not-so-fondly remember lugging those jugs o’ Tide down to the coin operated laundry when I was in college. And now that I only have to travel downstairs, all I need to do is pop this in my washer.    



  Tide PODS all those things i love.com



    Wow, have times changed. By the time this generation gets to college, you’ll probably just have to think about Tide to wash your clothes! The triple threat of Tide Pods, Ultra Downy Infusions Fabric Softener and Downy Unstopables make me very happy. (as happy as you can be while doing laundry!)     There’s no way I could decide on my one favorite P&G product. I know that whatever the product is, there has been a ton of testing and research to make it the most effective product available. P&G don’t make no junk ;)        



P&G Brand Logos



How awesome are the P&G BrandSaver coupon inserts? (We just received the latest edition on March 31st.)    


Look for the next P&G BrandSaver Coupon insert with your local paper on April 28th. Pair those lovely coupons with a great store sale and you have the makings of a great deal.    


Not to mention the P&G “Have You Tried This Yet” BrandSaver Sampler Boxes available to you every 3 months! Love those.    


Plus, the awesome P&G Best of Beauty rebates!        


I was fortunate to be provided with a HUGE box of P&G product from P&G and She Speaks. And I’m so happy I get to share this “Bounty” (haha) with one of you! One winner will win the same box I received filled with products shown above. You will love it, too! Easily over $100 value. Good luck!      


Again, this is a sponsored post. I was provided with a box of P&G products to sample courtesy of P&G and She Speaks. Opinions are my own.       Click “more” to enter the giveawaya Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. wow, what a give away; P&G products are the best in quality and dependability. Thanks

  2. Bounty kitchen towel is the best.

  3. Looks like a great useful giveaway. I would love to win.

  4. I love Swiffer!

  5. Gillette Venus Olay razor

  6. love pantene!

  7. We’ve always used Tide

  8. Listerine

  9. I love Gain clothing detergent and fabric softener!

  10. Gain Detergent

  11. pampers

  12. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner

  13. Tide & cascade I use daily

  14. I LOVE P&G Products-I use Charmin, Venus, Secret Clinical, Dawn . . my favorite is Tide!

  15. I love those Cascade packs!

  16. Gillette Venus Razor

  17. tide pods

  18. I LOVE venus razors!

  19. Tide is my fave

  20. love Dawn dish washing liquid!

  21. I am a huge pantene fan but also love so many other P&G products

  22. I love the Cover Girl make up. Thanks!

  23. Theresa Howard says:

    Awsome Giveaway and Love P&G woooWooo

  24. I have loved Pantene for years!

  25. My favorite are Bounty papertowels!!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  26. Leslie Nelson says:

    Proctor & Gamble has been in our home for generations now.

  27. Cascade!!

  28. P&G has so many good products, so hard to just pick one I love. Hmm I think I love swiffer, it makes cleaning easy, and I love that! :)

  29. I love Dawn. It is the best.

  30. I Love All P&G Products But cant live without charmin

  31. the pods

  32. Covergirl

  33. I like all the varities of liquid Tide particularly Coldwater

  34. Tide!