CardPool: Sell Those Gift Card You Don’t Plan on Using!




Do you have a Gift Card for a store/restaurant/spa that just isn’t your style?  Consider selling your Gift Cards for Cash at Cardpool!

They pay up to 92% of the value of your Gift Card. And it’s so much easier than selling them on Ebay… and after all the Ebay fees, you’ll pretty much get the same trade-in value. (Plus no worries about issues with an Ebay buyer!)


I posted earlier about the American Express Gift Chain program and all the $25 Pottery Barn Gift Cards I bought to get the Amex Gift Chain Gifts. My intention all along was to sell them on Ebay. The average selling price on Ebay is about $21-22 for a $25 Gift Card to Pottery Barn. Then when you consider the Ebay and PayPal fees, along with the postage — I expected to make about $20-21 per card.


That was before I heard about CardPool.

Cardpool will send me a check for $20 for a $25 Pottery Barn Gift Card. (I’ll actually go the Amazon route and get a $21 Amazon Gift Card for the $25 Pottery Barn Gift Card.)  I don’t even have to pay postage!


If you’re looking to buy Gift Cards, you can buy them at CardPool for as much as 35% off! It’s a great way to nail down some initial savings before you even get to the store!



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  2. […] You can also SELL your unwanted gift cards, too! […]