Camel: FREE $15 Virtual Master Card!




Let me start by letting you know that this freebie is sponsored by a tobacco company. If this is something that offends you, please feel free to pass on it.


Honestly it’s a bit complicated and the site is moving kind of slow, but it took me about 8 minutes to get through it and to get my FREE $15 Virtual Master Card. (that can be used in place of a regular credit card pretty much anywhere online)


Start by logging into or registering at


Then, go here and join The Beast House and click “I AGREE, LET’S GO” at bottom of page. Then, click ‘BUILD MY PROFILE”. You’ll have to choose an avatar and add a personal tagline.


Next, play Challenge 2 – Defend the Capsule Institute. After clicking through all the questions ( I selected “pound keys”, “rock out to pyrotechnics”, “yes”, “yes”)  you’ll see the following message:



Click “REDEEM YOUR E-CODE” and you’ll be taken to Up2U Rewards E-Card site Fill out the form with the same info you registered with on your Camel account.

Click generate card and print the screen (or copy/paste the credit card number, security code, and expiration date into a notepad). You’ll be able to use this virtual Mastercard online!


Many thanks to GimmieFreebies for the FREE Money!




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  1. Hello ,
    I have this little problem
    “Start by logging into or registering at”
    when I want to register on this site …
    first it ask to enter the date of birth
    I did enter it & filled ALL other field
    but when I press continue , it shows this error
    “Date of Birth is required”
    I tried many times and it’s not working , what to do???