BlogHer14 – 20 Observations & Reflections upon Re-Entry

Pets Add Life PAL BlogHer14 San Jose

The 2nd event I attended was the Pets Add Life (PAL) Reception. PAL is a non-profit organization established by the American Pet Products Association (made up of over 1000 pet product manufacturers, their representatives, importers and livestock suppliers) Their message is that Pets Add Life and celebrating the bonds and other rewards associated with pets of all types. I really like their PAL Campaign for National Get a PAL For Your Pet Day (November 19) that showcase the benefits of multiple pet ownership. Check out their Talking Pets YouTube video clips here


Fullscreen capture 7292014 52306 PM.bmp

16.  Open House Suite Parties – On Friday night, we were invited to attend 5 different parties held in suites on different floors at The Hilton. Funniest moment was the 2 teenage boys and their father trapped in an elevator with about 10 – 15 excited women. The older boy looked mortified while the younger one (probably about 12) had a huge grin on his face. The father just kept his eyes on the ceiling. (Look how cute my roommate, Elizabeth from Being MVP was in her gorgeous pink dress and princess crown!)

The parties themselves were small gatherings, most had less than 100 bloggers at the time I visited. And the only one that had a real party vibe was Queerosphere… maybe because it had an open bar? I cut out early for some social media catch-up.


17. I have never attended the Voices of the Year event. Each year I plan on going, but something (usually hunger) gets in the way. Next year I will attend.


18. Packing. I always overpack, but this time I only ended up wearing about 1/3rd of what I brought with me. At most, all I really need is  6 outfits (3 for day/3 for night), but for options, I probably brought 10. Next year, I am going to hold myself to traveling yoga pants/t-shirt combo, another yoga pants/t-shirt combo for pajamas, 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of black pants, a pair of leggings, a dress and no more than 7 tops total. And flats. always flats.


Fullscreen capture 7292014 52541 PM.bmp

19. Speaking of flats, every time I got dressed, I longed for these, my Sketchers GoWalk 2’s… purchased expressly for BlogHer and then forgot while packing. Fugly, maybe, but roomy as all get out while feeling like you’re walking on clouds. Highly recommended.


selfiebration blogher14

20. Selfiebration – SO MANY SELFIES. I took so many damn pictures of myself, I’m lacking in actual pictures from the conference. :(


Final Thought Even though BlogHer doesn’t seem to exude the glamor it once held for me, I still like the conference and will probably continue to attend. My focus will be the  keynotes and community sessions but I’ll probably skip the breakouts unless there is a topic being presented that I feel would be beneficial to my growth.  I appreciate being in a like-minded group of mostly women that join together every year to celebrate what we do. I look forward to seeing people that I admire, along with making new friends and meeting up with existing ones.

Here’s to #BlogHer15 in ????

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  1. 1. Arianna’s keynote was actually hilarious, I wasn’t expecting her to be so funny.
    2. The Bloggess is now following me too! I was happy about that :) love her blog.
    3. I missed those Skype chargers! Boo. I still have the similar-looking one we got in Anaheim, though, from one of the sponsors.
    4. I have a funny Hilton elevator story too … 2 youngish guys w/ a cooler full of beer, asking if anyone wanted any / wanted to go party with them, lol.

    Was good to see you!

    • It was great seeing you too…
      Whenever someone tells me they haven’t read The Bloggess, I tell them to go to her site and search Beyonce the Chicken. Other than Dave Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day, I have never LOLd so much while reading!

  2. Tig Notaro was a highlight for me. I highly recommend voices of the year. It’s too bad BlogHer doesn’t provide dinner!

    I envy your selfies. I am really bad at taking them!

    • I hate selfies, too… But, know, that I only post publicly after I doctor them with MoreBeaute2 iPhone app! (Keep waiting for PicMonkey to release an iOS app… I need their weight loss tool! ;) )

  3. I ate the cupcake. Most definitely made of lentils or the earthiest flour known to humankind.

  4. I made the mistake of pausing too long to check a text message
    while K Kardashian was in the Expo and seriously thought I was going to get
    frisked. Overall, BlogHer14 was a great experience for this newbie.

    • We were sitting behind the Hairfinity booth (on that little San Jose stage) and saw her come in with her body guards. I thought they were about to ask us to leave.

  5. I really enjoyed your recap. I could relate to almost every word EXCEPT the pet thing. It would have made me very uncomfortable to be in a setting like that with dogs. But I guess they could have been around me and I didn’t even notice. I think I saw one in the exhibition hall…he (or she?) was pretty chill, though.

    I’m glad to hear the perspective of a veteran vs. a rookie. It didn’t exactly live up to my expectations and it sounds like from you and other vets, it may have been better in past years. If they bring it to the east coast next year, I might consider attending again.

    • I was missing my new puppy, so the canine companions we’re a nice way to connect. All the dogs I saw (about 3, I think) were extremely well behaved. If I didnt want the dog sitting at my knee during lunch, the owner wouldnt have let him be there.

      I hope it’s in a large city or Vegas ;) There wasnt much to see in San Jose. When it was in NYC and Chicago, I came in early to see the city.

      Thanks for reading!